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VOIP, otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol is a phone service that’s utilised over the internet. As long as a company boasts a good internet connection, they can enjoy the benefits of a VOIP system, with their phone service being delivered through their internet connection as opposed to being through their usual phone network provider.

Why Upgrade To VOIP?

There are numerous reasons why businesses upgrade to VOIP. These include but are not limited to…


With a VOIP phone system, companies can add employees to the system when necessary and scale up as and when needed, unlike a regular phone system that can be limited to sometimes 30 channels on one circuit.

Unification Of Comms

Integrate all communications, not just voice – including email, browsers, instant messaging and more to help streamline your business telecoms, making you more efficient.

More Features

VOIP systems provide a whole range of features that are either too expensive or simply not available on regular landlines. These include features such as email voicemail, on-hold music etc.


VOIP phone systems work out cheaper than most regular landlines, while offering a much better quality line. This allows you to pass on savings to your customers and clients.

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Here At Capital, We Can Help You Expand Your VOIP Services

Only recently, companies would have to pay anywhere up to £500 a day to have a VOIP system installed due to engineers needing to be sent up and down the country. Thanks to our National Service Team however, we can work alongside your telecommunication company to install VOIP systems nationwide, easily and in a far more cost-effective manner. This won’t just save you money but will allow you to expand your customer reach.

How? By utilising our National Service Team. Our National Service Team are nation-wide. They will attend any location needed as you in a white label capacity. Once you’ve delivered all handsets to their desired location, our field staff will attend and install them. We’ll then record each and every asset or it’s serial number and desk location to provide you with the necessary information you need in order to attend to customer service queries later on down the line.

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How Capital Can Help

By utilising our National Service Team, it means that companies like Telecoms World for example, are able to provide a nationwide service and reduce their overheads at the same time. This is simply because their engineers never need to travel outside of their current area. Our team installs the VOIP system and their engineers are able to set them up remotely which greatly reduces the engineer fee and in turn greatly reduces the fee for the customer.

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If you’d like more information on our VOIP system installations, and how we can help provide you with a more cost-effective service, allowing you to expand your current area of coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 013 2182.

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