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    What is Software Asset Management?

    In today’s world, every business is reliant on technology, from our IT equipment right down to the various software systems we rely on for our daily operations. Software is a highly valuable asset for any company and is vital to any organisation’s core functions. Every industry has its own requirements and needs.

    Therefore, it’s essential to complete regular software asset management to examine the various software you use, and have the controls in place to manage the software environment.

    Software asset management involves completing a thorough inspection of all software used by the company, managing the purchase, maintenance, and utilisation of it. It’s an essential infrastructure process, and should be completed regularly.

    There are various benefits to completing software asset management for your business. Our team can carry out extensive IT audits, allowing you to manage all software and related licences to help maximise your purchases and end-user productivity.

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    Check Licensing

    All software is the intellectual property of the organisation who developed it, which means when you purchase a software for business use you’ll also get several licences authorising you to access the software. Sometimes, for large organisation’s it’s necessary to buy additional licences to ensure all users can access the software legally. When licences lapse it can come at great financial cost to an organisation for infringement of intellectual property.

    A software publisher will carry out compliance audits to ensure there’s no over deployment or pirated software being used. Part of software asset management involves doing a thorough compliance audit of all systems used, and checking the licences to ensure everything is still legal.

    Services On Offer

    There are a range of software asset management services Capital offer, from a one-time full audit of your software and all the relevant licences, to regular checks.

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    We have a capable and professional team who have your company’s best interests at heart. When we take on a project, we aim not only to meet expectations, but exceed them. Our team works methodically and efficiently to produce results while causing minimal interruption to your daily operations. Our client list spans from Scotland to the south of England, and we can work anywhere to support your business. Call Capital to discuss all your software asset management needs.