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    PAT Testing For A Safer Workplace

    PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a necessary routine inspection within the workplace that checks several different types of electrical appliance. The purpose of PAT testing is to prevent electrical accidents and it does so through both visual and more in-depth checks using specialist PAT testing equipment. While not all electrical items need to be PAT tested, those that do will receive the necessary testing and follow up reporting. Here at Capital, we’re lucky enough to benefit from incredible partners who provide this specialist service which means you benefit from this too.

    The term ‘portable’ is a little misleading as appliances that can be tested range from fixed appliances to stationary appliances, IT appliances and more. While PAT testing isn’t a legal requirement, business owners are required to ensure the safety of their electrical items as well as the safety of their staff and PAT testing is the best way to do that. With certified results, you’ll then be able to show the steps you’ve taken. With our PAT testing partners, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands.

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    Capital’s Trusted Partners

    We took the time to handpick our PAT testing partners to ensure they provide the same affordable, flexible and reliable service that we’ve become known for. We ensure quality service throughout and we do this through a strict selection process, so you can trust in our trusted partners at all times.

    Reliable, Efficient Services At All Times

    Here at Capital, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable pat testing services. This extends to our trusted partners too, whom we handpick for their values as much as their skill and ability. With the help of our cloud based system, you’ll be able to see when our teams arrive, what they do and enjoy reports delivered directly to you immediately after.

    Affordability & Flexibility

    Just as we strive to provide affordable and flexible services, so too do our partners. We hand pick our teams to ensure they can cater to your needs just as much as our in-house teams. This means that whether you need them during peak times or off peak times, they’ll be there whenever suits you. We aim for minimal disruption and fuss, with affordable and quality services at every stage.

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    If you’d like more information on our PAT testing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our teams will be only too happy to provide you with all the necessary details and make sure the services provided are bespoke to you. We’ll be with you when you need us most ensuring your electrical equipment is safe and reliable for you and your workforce.