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    Commercial Office Cleaning By The Best

    Here at Capital, we’ve been working with a number of commercial office cleaning companies for many years. While we as a company provide services directly, they tend to be more specialist in their nature and in order for us to provide the regular office cleaning services, we needed to work with the best quality cleaning companies available, partnering up to provide you with the ultimate team. Our office cleaning partners aren’t just tried and tested, they’re hand picked to ensure they provide quality services at an affordable rate, reliability, flexibility and ISO compliance. Thanks to these partnerships, we can now provide you with all the cleaning services you could possibly need, specialist or not. From data centre cleaning, computer cleaning, hardware asset management services and much more, Capital and our partners have you covered whatever the weather.

    From better focus to reduced sickness levels, there are so many reasons to take advantage of our network of cleaning teams as well as our own in-house specialist services and thanks to our National Service Team, we can provide our office cleaning services anywhere in the UK, ensuring the health of you and your team is always put first.

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    Commercial Office Cleaning By The Best

    If you think your cleaning company matches our ethos and requirements for first-class services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re always looking for partners to add to our incredible network of cleaning companies to help provide our customers with a more thorough service.

    What Does Office Cleaning Include?

    Thanks to our network of partner companies, our office cleaning services are the most thorough available. From general office cleaning duties to more specialist fogging sanitisation, data centre cleaning, computer cleaning and more, we’ll ensure that every square inch if your office is clean and safe for your teams, whether your office works a team on a regular 9-5, a hybrid workforce or a mix of the two. All of our cleaning services are bespoke, regardless of whether you’re making use of our in-house team or one of our partners and can be tailored to suit you. We ensure complete flexibility at all times. You are in control.

    Asset Management Services At The Same Time?

    While you’re enjoying the benefits of office cleaning services, why not kill two birds with one stone and utilise our affordable teams to provide asset management services while they clean? This means you get two very specialist services covered in one go, reducing disruption and making our time with you even more efficient. Save time and money by making it a more thorough experience with both services carried out by our teams. Increase efficiency and affordability by benefiting from two in one services.

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    Whether it’s general day-to-day office cleaning, office chair cleaning, computer specific cleaning or even data centre cleaning, you can trust Capital to provide you with the necessary services ensuring reliability, flexibility and ISO compliance at all times. Whether you benefit from our specialist cleaning services, provided by our in-house team or utilise one of our many hand-picked partner companies, you can rest assured you’re always in the best hands.

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