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Your National Service Team

What do we mean by Your National Service Team?

A National Service Team are directly employed security cleared field staff. Ranging from Scotland, through the North and Midlands, across Wales and back down to London and the South, our National Service Team visit hundreds of clients’ sites across the UK on a monthly, yearly and ad hoc basis. Here at Capital, we’ve been providing site and field services up and down the country for a number of years.

Our experience within Field Service Management has given us an understanding for the need to be flexible. We know that we may be required to send a team for anything from an hour to a few days. We also know that our field service workers could be required to carry out any number of tasks.

In order to allow us to be as flexible as possible, we invested in a cloud-based system. This has given us the capability to plan, manage, schedule, report and even track each and every one of our field technicians when performing these field management services for you, our clients.

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Mobile Workforce Solutions & Benefits?

When you outsource your facilities management and contracts it can have a myriad of benefits. A ready-made field service provider such as ourselves offers you all the benefits of national coverage without any of the associated problems that come with the employment of a nationally spread field team. This is something that should never be underestimated, especially when considering the costs and logistics when running such an in-depth and wide-spread operation. Some key points about our national service team:

  • Teams are both flexible in size and time commitment.
  • Cloud based system allows planning, managing, reporting, scheduling and tracking of our field operatives.
  • National coverage without the problems that come with employment of a nationally spread field team.
  • Field staff are fully employed, have security clearances that enable them to work in many sensitive areas like airports and other secure locations. Specific instructions relayed on your behalf, with full real time reporting if required.
  • Ability for your clients to interact via the system to confirm service delivery and compliance to service requests.

Other benefits include:

  • Support of Your Existing Network - already have your own facility management team? Struggling to keep up with demand? Here at Capital, we can help share the workload either independently or in tandem with your own staff.
  • Scheduled Work – with our cloud based system, you’ll known in advance when and where our team will be arriving along with what work they’ll be undertaking.
  • Nationwide Coverage – no matter where you are, we have team members employed across the country.
  • Cost Effective – as we already have scheduled jobs up and down the country, we’ll simply fit your work into our master schedule. This means no unnecessary journeys, which also means you escaping the brunt of the cost.

Outsource Field Service Features:

  • You get your boots on the ground, your hands and eyes on site remotely, your directions followed at all times in real time with services delivered and reports provided on your behalf.
  • Planned scheduling will ensure efficiency and savings get passed on to you.
  • Our mobile field team will be on hand to tend to everything from IT cleaning services, IT auditing & hardware asset management, health and safety checking, repair and replacement amongst many more.

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Your National Service Team

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