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  • Extend Lifespan Of Your Equipment

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    Here at Capital, we understand fully the importance of professional data centre cleaning. Our Data Centre Cleaning is dedicated specifically to the rooms that house that all-important technical equipment that keeps your business running. Our teams of professional cleaners are trained to the highest degree, to ensure they aren’t just comfortable but are well versed in data room cleaning of any magnitude, whether that’s large data centres or even individual computer, comms rooms and server rooms.

    As one of the UK’s leading Data Centre Cleaning Companies, we’ll ensure your data room is kept clean and dust free, providing the optimum space for reliable equipment, minimising downtime and ensuring your equipment is performing as it should.

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    Trust Capital With Your Data Room Cleaning Needs

    Our data centre cleaning services are entirely bespoke, and can be tailored to suit large scale data centres as well as individual computer rooms. We’re here for you regardless of size, large or small.

    Why Data Centre Cleaning

    A lack of data centre cleaning could ultimately lead to a build up of dust and debris which over time would begin to effect your equipment. This is regardless of whether your computer or comms room has a high volume of traffic or not. By not using specialist cleaning services that are acquainted with such equipment, the potential for fires will increase as well as equipment failure.

    Tailor To Your Company & Schedule

    We provide a professional data room cleaning service that can be tailored to your specific company’s needs, regardless of size. Our time management is second to none, allowing us to follow a far more efficient scheduling and therefore provide you with a more efficient service. We know that minimal disruption to your service is just as important as clean data rooms and that’s exactly what we provide.

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    Our data centre cleaning company won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them every time, with efficient, professional services tailored to you. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure we can work around you and benefit your company in the best way possible. Contact our team today.

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