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    Professional Office Computer Cleaning Services

    As workers begin returning to offices, and isolation for those with COVID now being cut shorter, it’s more important than ever that companies stay vigilant in terms of ensuring their working environment is a safe space from germs and bacteria including the COVID-19 virus.

    Thankfully, here at Capital, we have a professional IT computer cleaning service that could not only help you eliminate germs and reduce the spread of covid, but ultimately save money through reduced sickness rates and even improve productivity.

    While regular cleaning will help ensure your office space is clean and tidy, it won’t ensure your office equipment is as thoroughly cleaned as it could be. Here at Capital, our computer and laptop cleaning service will ensure all of your tech equipment is cleaned professionally. Our National Service Teams will bring with them the safest solutions and latest cleaning technology to ensure your computer equipment is disinfected in the safest manner possible.

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    Trust Capital Your PC Cleaning Service Provider

    Here at Capital, we’ll provide you with the most efficient and thorough computer cleaning services available and here’s how…

    What’s Involved?

    At Capital, we’re specialist computer cleaners. We dive deeper than simply providing a quick wipe over with a cloth.

    • We provide all of our teams with dedicated anti-bacterial cleaning solutions that will provide the in-depth cleaning experience needed while ensuring your IT equipment is in safe hands at all times.
    • Our IT equipment cleaning process will ensure germs are removed and your computer equipment is safe and clean for use by your staff.
    • We’ll happily supply risk assessment as well as COSHH information where and when needed.

    We’ll Work To Your Schedule

    Whether you’re looking to take advantage of our cleaning services before your staff return to the office or need us to work around your team now, we can provide you with the most efficient office computer cleaning services possible, causing little to no disruption to your teams working day.

    • We pride ourselves on providing a precise schedule for you to take advantage of.
    • We’ll track appointments and deliver those services with precise efficiency.
    • Couple this with a security cleared team and this only highlights how easy it is to enjoy value for money from our services.

    Speak To Our Team Today

    Not only can we work around you, but we can deliver the most incredible computer cleaning services for some of the most affordable prices available. By utilising our regular office cleaning services, you’ll also notice cost-savings in the long run as IT equipment is kept in great condition, encouraging a much longer life-span and more efficient equipment.

    With specialised cleaners, provided with specialised IT equipment cleaning services, you’re in the safest possible hands. Here at Capital, we’ll go above and beyond every single time. Contact us today.