Server Room Cleaning

  • Eliminate Dust & Debris
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Maximise Lifespan Of Equipment
  • Reduce Fire Risk
  • Promote A Clean Image

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    The Importance Of Server Room Cleaning

    For the vast majority of companies today, the server room is the heart of their business, storing information on clients, projects, sales, finances and much more. Due to this, most companies will undoubtedly spend a lot of time and money wanting to protect their server room and essentially their access to this information and one of the best ways to protect your server room is through regular professional server room cleaning. 

    Our server room cleaning is carried out by our highly skilled teams, provided with the latest equipment and the most current cleaning solutions to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning service. With regular cleaning, we’ll ensure that dust, debris and other contaminants do not become an issue for your server room equipment, and instead, keep on top of devices, ensuring they’re running as they should be.

    Our teams work up and down the UK, so regardless of where you are, how big or small your server room will be, we can provide you with the server room cleaning you need at competitive prices.

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    Trust Capital With Your Server Room Cleaning

    With effective server room cleaning, we can help ensure your equipment is in great shape. We’ll help you reduce downtime and ensure your equipment is running at optimum efficiency.

    Ensure Value For Money

    By outsourcing cleaning of your server room, you can access the most highly trained individuals, with the latest equipment and safest cleaning solutions at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, you use us as and when you need.

    Whether that’s a monthly clean, a bi-monthly clean, an annual clean or even an ad hoc server room clean, here at Capital, we’ll turn up when you need us. Forget the costly and time-consuming hassle that comes with hiring staff and instead enjoy value for money with our outsourced server room cleaning wherever you are in the UK.

    Flexible Bespoke Service

    We understand the importance of working around you, which is why we offer complete flexibility. Should you need your server room cleaning carried out during working hours or out of hours, we’re happy to oblige. All of our services are bespoke to you so you can expect a completely tailored package to suit.

    Detailed Reporting

    All of our technical cleaning team are highly versed in the equipment they’re dealing with and will provide you with in-depth reports straight to your device, via our cloud-based system.

    This means you know what’s going on at every stage and can read a detailed report straight after your service. For more information on our server room cleaning services, please do contact us today on 08000 132 182.