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    Professional Office Desk Moving Services

    Completing an office refurbishment is a tiresome task that can drag on for months. But at Capital UK, we will work with an organised and structured approach to ensure everything is moved and the job is completed flawlessly. Desk moves have been a popular issue in offices coming back from the covid-19 pandemic, as everyone needed to restructure office space to allow for social distancing. Now, as these regulations go away, you might need another office restructure.

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    Working Efficiently to Ensure Your Desk Moves Are Completed

    Moving desks is about more than unplugging equipment and setting it up somewhere else. At Capital, we’ll run a check to ensure all hardware is suitable, and when we set it up at a new desk, we’ll make sure it passes a DSE workstation assessment. We will ensure every desk is suitable and ready for the new user when they sit down the next morning. We will also identify redundant equipment and ensure everything is compatible. Finally, we’ll run a check and ensure everything is clean and tidy for your staff coming back to work.

    We’ll Work On Your Time

    Our National Service Team can travel anywhere in the UK, and will work unsociable hours to ensure your desk moves happen, causing no disruption to the day-to-day operations of your business. If you need us out of hours, we’ll cater to your needs to get the job finished.

    We train our teams for each job and have security clearance to access sites. They work in a methodical and structured way to ensure we complete everything on time, and accurately. You can have one of your in-house staff members sign off on each section of the job as we finish it, allowing you to see our high professional standards, and have peace of mind that the job is getting completed.

    Efficient and Affordable Service

    Our speciality is providing a tailored service based on your needs. With every job, we take the time to get to know your business and fully understand the scope of the job. That way we’ll know how long we are expected to take, and the full task at hand. Our teams will coordinate themselves and plan everything in advance, before going onto the site and methodically working to get all the desks moved and set up for the new user. We like a challenge, and we’ll always be happy to help.

    Contact Capital Now For More Information

    You can contact us to discuss carrying out desk moves for your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, Capital is here to help. We are experts at working with companies to support them with facilities management, and our handpicked teams are professional and dedicated. Repeat business is important to us, and we will always work with you to ensure we meet your goals. Even if the job is particularly tricky, or difficult to coordinate, we’ll organise our teams appropriately.

    If you’ve got desk moves planned at your office, contact Capital to find out how we can help. We can take the project off your hands, giving you the comfort of knowing it’ll be completed accurately and efficiently.