Desk Assessments

  • Meet H&S Requirements
  • Provide A Safe Environment For Staff
  • UK Wide Coverage
  • Security Cleared Teams
  • Make Sure Staff Have Correct Equipment

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    Desk Assessments For A Safer Workspace

    There are great changes happening in the way businesses operate; with companies now operating hybrid working systems with staff working within a mixture of office and remote based roles. Due to this, there is a much greater requirement to ensure each desk space is set up correctly. Here at Capital, we provide Desk Assessments to ensure work stations are set up with the correct equipment, the correct connections and the right furniture. Not only does this allow each user, (whether that’s a long-term single user or multiple users) to enjoy their space at any given time but it allows a much more fluid and efficient change over between users or working practice.

    Incorrect equipment counts towards a surprising amount of employee downtime however with regular desk assessments, you can ensure the environment your staff are working in is the best possible place for them. Not only will this help towards reducing staff downtime but will save you money in the long term and ultimately increase productivity.

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    Capital Have You Covered

    Our desk assessment reports can be as in-depth or as straightforward as you need them to be, in fact, we can create a bespoke report to meet the needs of your business entirely. For every desk we visit, we’ll provide full written reports complemented with photography along with any recommendations our teams may have for improvements or potential issues.

    What’s Involved?

    Here at Capital, we’ll assist you in constructing the perfect report for your entire estate, whether that requires variation from site to site or even floor to floor. Once your report has been approved, we’ll test in-house to ensure everything is perfect. We’ll ensure you have:

    • Access to our mobile National Service Team throughout the UK.
    • Full reports, all of which will be real-time offering instant results as each desk position is completed.
    • A further completion report that offers a summary of potential hazards our team may have come across.

    Complete Flexibility For Your Business During Critical Times

    Our fully employed National Service team can be deployed as and when needed, providing you with complete flexibility as and when your business needs, minimising downtime of desk positions and interruption to you and your team. All staff attending are security cleared and well versed with the requirements needed for their position; providing you with complete peace of mind in both their credibility and knowledge.

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    If you’d like more information on our desk assessment services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 08000 132 182. Our friendly team will be only too happy to show you exactly how we can help you improve your workspace in an affordable manner, with minimal interruption to you.