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    Capital Works With GlanAir To Provide 24/7 Monitoring of Data Centres

    Data centres are highly sensitive environments where a buildup of dust or contamination can bring down some of the most vital technological equipment needed by any organisation. They require regular spot-checking to ensure equipment is in the correct environment to function at peak performance levels, most of the time this is done manually.

    However, Capital working in partnership with GlanAir has a new cost-effective solution which can save any company time and money by offering 24/7 continuous remote monitoring of data centres.

    The GlanAir Controlled Environment Monitoring System (CEMS) can be placed inside a data centre and operates continuously. It’s remotely connected to a software which allows users to measure pressure, temperature, and particle count.

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    Capital & GlanAir Have You Covered

    By working in partnership with GlanAir Capital can provide a remote monitoring system that allows for 24/7 thorough monitoring. The machine will automatically detect any changes to the metrics, connected to a software that accurately tracks the metrics – no human error, and no manual monitoring.

    How It Works

    The CEMS system is a plug-in device equipped with high precision sensors that provide you with a 20-60 second sample of particle count, temperature, and pressure. This information is sent to a HEX software system that can be viewed on a dashboard. It’s divided into categories: red, amber, and green.

    If there is a spike in any of the metrics, an alarm will sound allowing for an immediate intervention. This allows for early detection of threats or issues.

    Our Monitoring Equipment

    GlanAir TD40

    Zigbee GY36

    GlanAir DP100

    GlanAir TD40

    Continuous Remote Monitoring

    The live monitoring can function across any size of data centre. Whether you need only one device for a small data room, or multiple devices across several rooms you can use the GlanAir CEMS to remotely monitor the data centre. All the devices will feed back into the HEX dashboard with analytical tools allowing any organisation to accurately track metrics across time.

    This remote monitoring comes with several benefits for any company:


    Continuous monitoring allows for early warning of any issues or threats.


    Minimises downtime for equipment and your business.


    Saves time and resources as no need for manual monitoring.


    Best practice for quality assurance and delivery of service.

    TD40 Wireless Particle Sensor Features

    The TD40 device is a sensitive airborne particle measurement detector that can accurately track temperature, humidity, and particle density in a data centre. It comes with a variety of features, including:

    • Temperature Sensor
      Continuous monitoring allows for early warning of any issues or threats
    • Particle Sensor
      A 24 Particle Bin sensor counts particles between 0.35μm to 40μm.
    • Humidity Sensor
      The relative humidity in the room is continuously measured
    • Wireless Internet Connection
      Wireless connects the device to the HEX software, allowing for real-time updates.
    • Alerts
      Real time alerts are sent to the HEX dashboard whenever metrics are outside their pre-set value limits.
    • Easy Set Up
      Simple plug and play technology means the TD40 is simple to set up and running within minutes.

    The cloud-based HEX software collates all data sent from active TD40 particle sensors and can provide a detailed analysis on the metrics, available online or can be downloaded.

    Cost-Effective Solutions for Controlled Environments

    Our continuous monitoring approach will provide significant value after the initial investment. You will no longer need to manually monitor data centres, meaning you can apply this resource elsewhere. The early warnings given by the GlanAir CEMS system will also reduce downtime where the data centre gets contaminated and lower the expensive costs associated with this.

    There are no subscription charges to using the system. Instead, it’s only a one-off purchase cost for each monitoring device used. This includes access to the software, and a gateway can control up to 50 devices.

    The system is designed for controlled environments like ISO-8 cleanrooms and data centres.

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