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    What Is IT Auditing & Hardware Asset Management?

    We understand that keeping track of your entire IT estate can be not only expensive but time consuming. It’s also a complicated task, especially if you have staff working in different locations, such as multiple sites and even remote working. More often than not, it falls onto a team member who may already have a separate dedicated role and as a result, your Hardware Asset Management and IT Auditing may find itself being treated with minimal importance.

    Here at Capital, we know only too well the importance of regular and effective auditing and maintenance of your IT estate. Our IT asset management services provide an accurate and a cost-effective resource for businesses who want to outsource this task. Whether you have a small system in place and aren’t sure of its accuracy or you’re simply struggling to keep up with changes within your estate, we’re here to help. 

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    Capital Have You Covered

    Our in house auditing team are here to provide you with the on-site physical and remote IT audits you need to keep a more thorough watch over your IT estate and we do so up and down the country. We work with companies both big and small, providing in-depth audits, capturing data and ensuring the most up-to-date and verified IT asset records.

    Save Time & Money

    Without a dedicated team to carry out this task for you, the role will undoubtedly fall onto someone within your team who isn’t equipped to do the job. Not only will this take them away from their current dedicated role but it will inevitably take them a great deal of time. Instead, with our in house auditing team taking care of this for you, your staff can remain productive in their own roles and you can instead outsource asset management at a much more cost-effective rate. Save both time and money.

    We will take the responsibility of managing this away from you and provide you back a full complete breakdown of your estate that can be used in any CMDB system. Around 20% of the expenditure on hardware that businesses make is not needed, this is due to the unknown devices which are stored away and therefore off the network. Capital can identify these, meaning a saving back into the business.

    Track Equipment

    With our equipment and software, we’ll be able to track equipment whether it’s on site or been relocated to new areas, new buildings or even new staff, all of these occur daily within businesses up and down the country. If you already boast your own extensive data and discovery software, our team can provide updated asset information and verify what you already have.

    Whether equipment is on the network or not, we will discover it and ensure you know what equipment is where and with whom. Many businesses who have such software are surprised when we complete the initial review, due to the anomalies that are uncovered. As a guestimate these systems only run at 75% accuracy. Capital have the capability, knowledge and systems to increase this to ensure all equipment is accounted for.

    Minimise Downtime

    Should equipment fail, you would undoubtedly experience downtime, which is something every business looks to avoid. During our asset management services and IT audits however, we’ll identify areas of weakness, where equipment may be diminishing or need replacing in order to help you avoid this. For more information on our Hardware Auditing and Asset Management Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 08000 132 182.

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