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Have You Considered Outsourcing Your IT Asset Management?

As any asset manager will be aware of, asset management presents challenges on an almost daily basis. Throw in a global pandemic with multiple pieces of equipment leaving your premises in a matter of minutes and it’s quite clear that asset management isn’t an easy task.

While many companies utilise discovery tools, these simply cannot provide enough accuracy. That’s why so many now outsource their IT asset management to companies like ourselves here at Capital. With IT asset management as well as IT hardware auditing services available, it’s safe to say we have you covered.

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing

If like a lot of companies, you’re currently carrying out your own IT asset management in-house, it’s no surprise that you’ll be asking yourself, “What’s the benefit of outsourcing IT asset management?” To answer that question fully, we’ve listed below the biggest advantages you’re likely to see, and it begins with that all-important, ‘cost-saving’.

Save Money

You can actually achieve rather significant cost savings by outsourcing your work as opposed to keeping it in-house. This is especially the case for functions that may not be part of what’s known as your ‘core competencies’.

When it comes to software or hardware asset management, you can say goodbye to paying for costly roles in-house or moving staff away from their current role and instead have a service provided for you, as and when you need it.

That’s before you incorporate the cost-savings you’ll see when you begin reducing the amount of unused licenses you have as well as discovering hardware you’d forgotten about or lost over time.

Enjoy Access To Expertise

As a dedicated service provider of asset management and auditing, we’re proud to say, we have exceptional expertise within this area. By outsourcing your asset management to us, you automatically gain access to this level of expertise as and when you need it.

You’ll also gain access to our incredible resources, something you wouldn’t see yourself without spending a lot of time and money doing so.

Enjoy On-Demand Staffing

Instead of hiring staff or resources to complete a task as and when you need it, you can instead enjoy something we refer to as on-demand staffing. It’s much faster, simpler and saves you a huge amount of money.

Save Time

Forget dedicating your own staff and taking them away from their current roles, or worse still, utilising your own time to carry out your asset management needs and instead have experts complete the task for you. Not only are we more efficient, but we’ll save you time in the process.

Enjoy More Accuracy

While discovery tools are a great asset for any business, having our teams carry out in-depth audits will provide you with more accuracy than an automated tool could ever do. Not only will our teams audit your hardware, but they’ll audit your software, looking at licenses and users, while also discovering ‘lost’ devices in the process.

By outsourcing your asset management as well as using the likes discovery tools, you’ll be enjoying the most accurate reports possible, giving you far more accurate data from which to make important business decisions. 

Interested in IT Asset Management?

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