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Asset Verification

The Importance of Asset Verification

Asset verification in IT involves creating a thorough and comprehensive database of all registered IT assets owned by the company. The IT estate can cover networked and offline devices, going right down to computer accessories like keyboards, mouses, and cables.

It can be a vital part of valuing the business, and is essential for calculating insurance, as well as meeting compliance. Since the IT estate can be so large, incorrect calculations of its value can dramatically impact the company value, and cause insurance claims to fail – costing the company vast amounts of money.

While many businesses have set up a live discovery software system, allowing them to track IT assets, there are limitations to this software which means they only track networked devices and don’t consider any non-networked parts of the IT estate. Systems also may not be 100% accurate, meaning regular physical verification of IT assets is still essential to ensure an accurate calculation in the value of the IT estate.

Let Capital take this stress and strain off your shoulders with our asset verification service. Our teams can be deployed anywhere in the UK, and will accurately track and manage your IT estate to give you greater understanding into its value.

Trust Capital With Your Asset Verification Needs

We understand that when you don’t know what you’re doing, asset verification can seem like a minefield. However, Capital can take the pressure off your business and our experts can come on-site to ensure you stay on top of your asset verification requirements.

When you work with Capital, your needs are our top priority. From our years of experience, we know that every company has different needs for asset verification so we’ll develop a tailored plan based on the information you tell us to ensure your entire IT estate is tracked.

What’s Involved?

Our handpicked and dedicated teams are available to work anywhere in the UK, and our asset verification package includes:

  • First, our team will discuss the project with you at length to understand the full scope of the job and set out a plan that works for you.
  • Next we’ll section out the job to ensure we can fully verify your IT estate on your schedule, working to any deadlines.
  • Once we’re on site, we’ll start working around your employees to physically verify, tag, and track each piece of equipment.
  • A staff member of yours can sign off on each section as we complete it.
  • Finally, at the end, we’ll give you all the necessary data in a format that can be uploaded to any CMDB system.
  • For any device that is remote or mobile, such as Laptops or Phones we also have a robust method for capturing these to ensure we visit 100% of your estate.

Whether it’s a one-off asset verification job you need, or regular tracking with a schedule suitable for you, Capital can take on the job.

Flexible and Professional Service

Our teams will work at a time suitable for you, and have high security clearance. We will always go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best possible service, while causing as little disruption to your day-to-day as we can. Our time management skills are second to none, and we’ll work methodically to ensure every piece of equipment is checked. Thanks to our cloud-based management system, you’ll be reassured that we’re completing everything to your schedule with our real-time reports. At Capital we know how important planning and scheduling are as part of any project, and we aim to ease this pressure with our scheduling system.

Tailored To Your Needs

Having completed plenty of asset verification projects, we understand that every business has different needs for asset verification. Capital can create a bespoke asset verification solution for you, tailored to your business’s IT estate. We are capable of taking on any project, no matter how large or small. If your task is time-sensitive, we can take it on and work to any deadlines you need. Whether you need us to work during your working hours, or during out-of-hours, we are happy to help. You’ll receive the same professional and dedication service from our teams, no matter what time of day it is.

Contact Capital Today

At Capital, we aim not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them with our outstanding service and results. We are a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business, and our teams work methodically to ensure we complete all work to your schedule, and cause as little disruption to your daily operations as possible. Contact Capital for a no-obligation chat today about how we can support you with your asset verification needs.