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Do You Verify Your IT Estate Regularly?

It’s never been more of a challenge to verify your company’s IT estate. Right now, facilities and estate managers are working overtime in an effort to keep track of their company’s assets. The question is, are you? 

Whether it’s compliance with corporate policies, ensuring your IT estate is kept track of during times of increased movement or simply for your own accounting/depreciation purposes – keeping track of and verifying your IT estate regularly has never been more important.

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The Challenges Of Verifying Your IT Estate

2020 and subsequently, 2021 have thrown the biggest challenge for IT estate managers to date, with almost all IT hardware being removed from the company’s office space and being taken to the home of each individual member of staff. Throw in a multi-site business and it’s clear to see just how difficult it can be to verify your IT estate once, let alone regularly. 

Thankfully, here at Capital, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of our nationwide asset management services, guaranteed to provide you with an in-depth oversight of exactly where each individual item is and with whom – we’ll even often discover IT assets you may have forgotten about completely.

Our National Service Team Are Here To Help

We’re proud to boast a national service team, highly skilled in asset management and verification. Not only will they discover your assets but they’ll ensure each asset, both hardware and software, is being used in the most efficient manner possible.

With our team being nationwide, you can rest assured that wherever you are, we have you covered. You can also benefit from flexible appointments, across multiple sites or one.

Speak To Our Team About Verifying Your IT Estate

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The Benefits Of Verifying Your Estate

There are several benefits to verifying your IT estate however perhaps the most prominent lay in the fact that you’ll maintain a fixed asset register for accounting purposes. You’ll also be able to organise any maintenance required as well as stay on top of lease renewals.

By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid costly renewals on software or hardware accounts for users that aren’t needed, say for instance, when employees leave the company or change roles. You’ll also be able to plan your budgets far more effectively and maximise the return on your hardware by ensuring it’s being used in the best possible manner/role/department within your company.

By having a thorough overview of exactly where your IT estate is, and doing so regularly, you can enjoy all the benefits above as well as a greater reduction in theft of company assets and even reduced operational costs.

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