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Do You Have The Same Number Of Licenses, Users & Equipment?

Did you know that one of the most common ways businesses and organisations lose money is through the use of buying software that will never be used or worse still, buying new licenses for new members of staff before cancelling the previous license?

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A vendor known as 1E, polled IT managers throughout the UK and the US and were astonished to find that across industries, a whopping $15.3 billion was spent annually on unused software and shelf-ware. That’s an incredible amount of money that could be saved each and every year. 

There are some ways you can help ensure you don’t fall into this same trap however and that’s by paying close attention to the licenses you have, the number of users you have and of course, the amount of equipment within your organisation.

Top Tips For A Tight Ship

To help you run the tightest ship possible, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re keeping on top of licenses, users and equipment.

Check Out The License Type

It’s so important to make clear exactly what you need and for whom. For some companies it can be all too easy to simply pay for licenses for almost everyone but if ‘almost everyone’ doesn’t have a desk job, you need to ask whether they actually need a license.

Many softwares allow you to scale up as and when you need it, so it’s a good idea to make a note of those who need a license now and if this should change in the future, simply add people on as and when you need them.

Purchasing surplus licenses is merely paying for something you don’t need and will waste you a huge amount of money over a long period of time. Simply determine exactly what you need before buying and make sure you run through figures again to ensure you’re only buying what you need when it comes to renewing.

Make The Most Of Your Investments

Make sure the licenses you have are being actively used. It’s crucial that you’re keeping on top of them. Take a look at all licenses which haven’t been used in the last 30 days and find out why that is.

More often than not it’s because the employee has left the company which means said license can be removed. You may also find unassigned licenses too, which are licenses that have been bought and subsequently never used. Again, these could be costing a lot of money that you don’t need to be spending.

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Capital Can Help

While for some, achieving this insight and type of license management may seem easy, but that can often be far from the truth. Thankfully, here at Capital, we can provide a professional asset management service

Our teams will comb through your software to ensure your licenses, users and equipment tally up. Forget wasting money on unused and even unregistered licenses and ensure you’re completely up to date and running in the most cost-effective way possible.

For more information on our asset management services or better still, how we can help you, contact us today on 0800 013 2182.