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Rediscover Your Assets Not Shown On Your IT Asset Network

Would you be surprised to learn that recent research has suggested a whopping 25% of employees have lost company assets related to their job role? Would you also be surprised to learn that many companies are often surprised to find that they have far more assets than they first realised, simply through misplacing assets and forgetting about them? 

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From mobile phones to laptops and more, keeping track of company assets, especially as your business grows can become a huge task in itself and while regular discovery software is used throughout multiple companies and organisations around the world, they have a weak spot – if the asset isn’t on the ‘network’, it likely won’t be discovered.

Thankfully, here at Capital, we here to help with the ultimate solution, in the form of our IT Hardware Asset Management services.

The Real Cost Of Lost Assets


When a company loses assets, it isn’t just the cost of replacing that asset they need to contend with, it’s often the data that’s stored on that asset that can be the real problem. There are also insurance excess charges as well as increased future premiums that will need to be considered too. All in all, a lost asset is a costly business and something companies should look to avoid. 

By investing in thorough and efficient IT hardware asset management however, you can put in place a structured plan of action to ensure that you know where your assets are at all times and rediscover the assets not shown on your IT asset network. How? With our hardware asset management services.

Hardware Asset Management

Not only can our Hardware Asset Management save you time and money, but we’ll also keep track of lost equipment too. 

As mentioned above, for larger companies who find themselves with a great deal of data and discovery software, we can provide an integral and much needed service that will see our teams not only verify all assets within your possession but update your asset information. 

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Using intelligent software, we’ll also be able to track equipment that may not necessarily be on your network and subsequently prove almost impossible for you to find. We can do this whether it sits in your comms room, sits at reception or has even wandered home with a currently ‘working from home’ employee.

We’ll also be able to locate equipment that’s been moved to new areas without your approval; whether that’s new areas of your building or new areas of the country.

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