November 1, 2020 [email protected]

Do You Have An IT Support & Asset Management System?

By effectively managing your company’s IT assets, you can help not only improve visibility and control of said assets but you can also identify stolen assets, unhealthy assets and even become alerted to things such as warranty end dates emerging. 

IT asset management is so much more than merely locating your items. Having a structure and process in place to ensure your asset management is taken care of regularly will provide you with far more accurate information, allowing companies like yourself, to become more agile by giving you the ability to change or redistribute assets at any given moment.

Having up to date data like this to hand, can also be critical during times of natural disaster or as we’re seeing now, sudden pandemics sweeping the nation.

Why Is Asset Management Needed?

The question is however, just what is IT support and asset management exactly? A simple spreadsheet? Or is it so much more?

IT assets are costly to acquire and maintain. If they aren’t taken care of properly, many companies can find themselves losing money in a multitude of ways. Asset management plays a very key role in ensuring IT teams and even staff members outside of the ‘IT department’ are making efficient use of their equipment and resources.

Interested in IT Asset Support?

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During asset management audits, we can provide companies with not only a log of each asset within their ownership, but also whether each item is being used efficiently, whether it would be better redistributed to another department as well as vital information such as warranty end dates and even the health of the asset itself. 

There are several benefits of regular, thorough IT asset management. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Ensuring compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Improving productivity within said company by deploying technology and assets to departments and users where they’ll be better utilised. 
  • Reducing support or licensing costs by eliminating profiles or ‘users’ on software when no longer needed.

Could Capital Help You?

With so much importance riding on regular asset management, not to mention cost-savings, it makes sense to have an asset management system in place. While some companies may choose to delegate a basic audit process to their current team of staff, we have a better idea. 

Here at Capital, we can provide that asset management service for you so your staff can continue focusing on the roles they’re trained to do. What’s more, our specialist teams can ensure that not only is no stone left unturned, but you’re provided with the most thorough remote and/or in-house audit possible.

We’ll find every asset you think you own and even those you had no idea about it. When our team is finished, you’ll have an in-depth list of your every asset, where it is and even if needed, where it needs to be. Watch as our teams save you money in more ways than one

From hardware to software, here at Capital, we have you covered for all of your asset management needs. Call us today on 0800 013 2182.