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Are Your IT Assets Out Of Warranty?

When it comes to our IT Assets, merely knowing where they are can feel like a bonus to some. With our Hardware Asset Management services however, something we provide companies nationwide here in the UK and throughout Europe, we make this a very simple process, ensuring you know not only know where your assets are but just what assets you have in your possession. 

But that’s not all we do. During our hardware asset management services, we can also provide you with a report on each asset, letting you know not only if it’s in good working order, but whether it’s still within its warranty. 

Warranty tracking is a vital part of running any business. Without this knowledge, you’re actually running a very big risk. How?

Asset Warranties Are Your Protection

Whatever assets your company owns, whether it’s a series of Apple Mac laptops or even HP servers, having them fall outside of their warranty without your knowledge is a risk that companies don’t want to take

Without that warranty providing that much needed level of protection, many companies find themselves with expensive repair bills for anything from laptops to desktops and just about any asset within their ownership. 

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Generally speaking, a manufacturer won’t issue any product with a warranty that lasts longer than the product itself, unless of course you physically purchase a longer warranty. It’s therefore a very wise business decision to ensure you’re staying on top of your asset’s warranties to ultimately prepare your company for a vital change over of products when necessary, before they reach their warranty’s expiry. 

Without a process in place to keep track of your assets however, it can become all too easy to let this slip. 

Capital Are Here To Help

Thankfully here at Capital, we can take the often messy and cumbersome task of rifling through paperwork in search of endless asset’s warranties, providing you with this information during our routine hardware asset management services.

Not only can we provide you with the information regarding your hardware assets location and health, but we can also help you track the warranty status of every asset within your ownership.

Whether it’s computers within your office space or laptops which have found themselves peripherally located throughout your ‘working from home’ team, Capital have you covered to ensure you don’t risk falling outside of your warranty.

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With our hardware asset management services, we can provide you with detailed lists of all assets and their relevant warranty timelines, alerting you when you need to take action. 

If you’d like more information on how we at Capital can help you track your asset’s warranties, ensuring you never fall into risk of huge repairs bills, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 013 2182.