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Are You ISO 55001 Compliant?

ISO 55001 is a standard for asset management systems. Its main objective is to help you organise and manage the lifecycle of your assets in a more effective manner. When companies implement ISO 55001, they enjoy better control over their daily activities as well as much higher returns on assets.

The beauty about ISO 55001 is that this particular standard can be applied across the board, throughout industries and throughout all organisational structures; it can even be applied to virtually any type of asset. This particular framework is there to support continual growth as well as continued improvement in performance; whether you’re an SME or a globally recognised organisation.

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Is Asset Management That Important?

In short, yes. Asset management is incredibly important for any company and here’s why. Money. Asset management is one of your company’s most significant ways of saving money, and time for that matter. Good asset management not only means you’ll be using your assets in the best manner possible but it also means that you’ll be getting more out of them, from their actual utilisation but also lifespan and value – this in turn will add value to your business.

Asset management has been specifically designed to work with you or better still, alongside you in order to help you properly manage processes and reduce risk. This naturally leads to the improvement of not only current performance but future performance within your company also, as well as the achievement of company objectives overall.

Just What Is ISO 55001 Certification Specifically?

In today’s far more complex and fast-changing financial world, ISO certification is more crucial than ever – but what exactly is it? Well, being ISO 55001 certified means that you’re not only capable of helping your organisation when it comes to developing an active approach to asset management but it’s also certification to show that you’re there to support your organisation’s growth through:

  • Effective asset management
  • The mitigating and managing of risk
  • The improvement of financial performance

Find Out More About ISO 55001 Certification

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The Benefits Of ISO 55001

Those who achieve ISO 55001 Asset Management certification will see numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Development of predictable cash flow
  • More manageability of assets and their lifecycle
  • Ensuring assets are used for their required function
  • Support of improvement & growth within your business
  • Management and mitigation of the risk associated with owning assets
  • Better brand reputation 
  • Increases in profits through longer, more fulfilling life cycles of assets

How Do I Ensure That I Am ISO 55001 Certification Ready?

Gaining an ISO 55001 certificate requires ensuring your asset management is at, and remains at, a certain standard. Here at Capital, we can help you address the major gaps in your asset management system and ensure your asset management is to standard.

We’ll provide you with the best level of hardware asset management services to bring you up to the level required and and prepare you for ISO 55001 certification assessment. What’s more, we’ll ensure you remain at that standard through regular auditing and more, with our fully trained teams. For more information, contact us today on 0800 013 2182