March 9, 2021 [email protected]

Do You Know What IT Equipment Is Really At People’s Homes?

COVID changed our lives and turned them upside down, approximately one year ago today. Businesses up and down the UK found their entire workforce, or at the very least a large chunk of them, being made to work from home and quite rightly so. In doing this however, the vast majority of multiple business’s IT assets went with those workers in order to allow them to carry out their jobs from home. For some, this happened within hours.

Fast forward 12 months and now a great deal of company’s have found themselves with huge discrepancies in their IT asset register, asking themselves, “do we really know what IT equipment is really at people’s homes?” 

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The Struggle Is Real

Without an adequate asset management system in place, keeping track of your IT equipment is virtually impossible. From moving equipment to software licenses, the only thing that’s guaranteed is change and without an adequate and regular log of what’s going on, where and with whom, you’ll never be able to keep on top of it. 

There are companies that dedicate staff to do this job however, it can often become too much for one member of your team to handle, especially if you boast a larger, or even multi-site company. 

Hardware Asset Management With Capital

Thankfully, asset management needn’t be an arduous task that costs you as much time and money as you think. Here at Capital, we provide hardware asset management services throughout the UK thanks to our incredible National Service Team.

We’ll carry out full asset management inventories, helping you locate every piece of IT equipment within your estate, so you never need to question where it is again.

Not only can we locate IT equipment that’s still within the four walls of your office building, but we’ll help locate equipment that’s outside of your network. After each full inventory, we’ll provide you with a detailed report giving you all the information you need, from a list of all equipment within your estate to its location, as well as the user it’s assigned to and the user it’s actually with. We’ll even highlight duplicate software licenses and show you where equipment may be better utilised within your company.

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With Capital, You’ll Know Where Everything Is

With Capital, you’ll enjoy the luxury of having a firm grip on all equipment and its current location. What’s more, with regular asset management services, provided by our teams, you’ll have detailed reports, updated regularly, ensuring you will indeed always know where everything is. 

Add on the time and money we’ll save you, by preventing duplicate purchases of IT hardware and software, as well as avoiding you using your own staff, who let’s face it, are more productive in their current roles – and it makes perfect sense to outsource your asset management services to Capital.

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