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Why You Can’t Rely Solely On Discovery Software

In recent years, thanks to advancements in technology, discovery software has greatly expanded. Not only has the automated discovery capabilities increased but so too has the capacity and efficiency with which discovery software can be utilised within IT management.

What were once manual processes that took your own staff hours, if not days, to complete, have since been replaced by automated services that can save time and money. 

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There’s absolutely no question that discovery software or discovery tools are very much a key component within any IT asset management plan however, companies should beware that relying on them solely could prove difficult, especially as businesses and technologies continue to evolve.

Why? For the simple fact that discovery software can all too easily give a false sense of confidence. To fully understand the risk, it’s a good idea to look at the capabilities of discovery software as well as the areas in which this software can fall short. 

Discovery Software – What It’s Capable Of

Discovery tools work with the help of pre-programmed rules to help identify components or devices within the IT environment. The vast majority of discovery tools will work for a certain type of technology so it’s no surprise that most mid to large size companies can be using anywhere between one and ten, if not more, discovery tools at any one time.

The biggest issue with discovery tools however is quite simply, their focus or in other words, their struggle with tunnel vision. They don’t check for many factors such as accuracy, duplication, recentness or even context and if a device isn’t on the system, it likely won’t find it.

Discovery tools will only touch the assets they ‘discover’ on a timed basis. If anything were to occur between its weekly or monthly check, that information won’t be reported, which leads to all future reports becoming inaccurate.

Is 70% Accuracy Enough For You?

While 70% accuracy may be enough for some, it’s simply not sufficient enough for most modern IT needs and it’s certainly not good enough to help most companies make informed decisions. Thankfully, there is something you can do to ensure your asset management is taken care of in a more in-depth manner.

Here at Capital, we provide IT hardware asset management and we do so with both physical and remote auditing services, providing you with an incredibly in-depth audit and report for you to run alongside your current discovery tools.

Many companies now utilise this ‘extra layer’ of data quality management thanks to our hardware asset management services that give you a much clearer understanding of where your hardware and software devices are, including licenses, users and so much more.

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Whether you utilise your own CMDB with discovery tools or have your own system in place, we at Capital can help.

Our IT hardware asset management is an accurate and cost-effective resource for any business or organisation, providing in-depth on-site audits, capturing data you never thought possible, ensuring you’re not only up to date but also have a verified IT asset record. For more information, contact us today on 0800 013 2182 today.