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Research: How quickly do germs spread? Germs & Sanitisation

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Research released in September 2014 from the American Society for Microbiology reveals just how rapidly germs and viruses spread.  You may be practicing good hygiene; however your colleagues could be putting you in danger spreading germs on to everyday office objects. The study from the ASM points out to the fact that germs spread within a matter of 2 to 4 hours. Samples from a doorknob, table-top, computer equipment and phone reveal that 40 to 60 percent of those who had been in contact with these items had picked up the germs in a matter of 2 to 4 hours. The researchers took samples from all the surfaces tested in the study and found between 60 to 100 fomites. Such a high amount can harbour many harmful organisms.

The study used a replica germ similar to the norovirus called bacteriophage MS-2 (safe for humans) to simulate the spread of flu. The study covers a number of work places such as office buildings, hotels, and health care facilities. Following these alarming results, a prevention/intervention test had to be carried out.

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Prevention phase – cleaning

During the intervention phase, cleaning was conducted using disinfectants (which contains quaternary ammonium compounds) and anti-bacterial solutions, often in the form of anti-bacterial wipes. These wipes were applied to the same surfaces and objects prior to the intervention.  The following results concluded that there was a reduction of fomites by 80% and that the concentration of viruses had reduced by 99% or more.


The nature of the workplace means viruses such a norovirus and flu can spread rapidly and that cleaning/intervention can significantly reduce the risks of illness. Hence the importance of computer cleaning and the role it plays in protecting employees up and down the country.


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