August 19, 2015 [email protected]

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning: Before & After Photos

Continuing our before and after series, we bring you a handful of preventative maintenance cleaning photos. We get asked to clean a variety of IT hardware, hence why we have a preventative maintenance service which allows us to clean all types of hardware. Below are images featured in our case study of a national retail group. The retail sector often come to us with problems like the ones you see below. You can clearly see the results before and after. Do not leave it this late before contacting us. Thanks to our specialists Paul and Ly for the photos. Contact us now for information or a free quote.

Click here for all previous before and after photos

Let us know what you want cleaning and how often you want it cleaned. We’ll be able you provide you a quote. Email – Request form or call 0800 013 2182

Click here for all previous before and after photos

Preventative Maintenance
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