July 14, 2022 [email protected]

Working With Third Parties

Bringing in a third party company to support you with any work can be a daunting prospect. At Capital, we’re here to streamline the process and make it as simple as possible. We’ll work with you to ensure the job is completed efficiently, and with little disruption.

Benefits to Working With Third-Party Companies

There are plenty of advantages to bringing in dedicated teams to support you with commercial cleaning and facilities management. We have partnerships with over 50 companies to deliver cleaning and facilities management services.

Expertise and Experience

Using a specific company to support you with a job means you are choosing an organisation who specialises in it. At Capital, we are experts in commercial cleaning. By working with us, you’ll be bringing in a set of dedicated experts who know exactly what they’re doing to get the job done with minimal disruption.

That means your staff can focus on their jobs while we work in the background.

Saves Time and Labour

Hiring additional in-house staff for your cleaning can cost time and money. More often companies are partnering up with cleaning and facilities management organisations like Capital to outsource these needs.

Our specialised team will also use all their own equipment. They will also be fully trained in COSHH and health & safety regulations. They will work efficiently to get the job done in as little time as possible.

Less Expensive

Since the team can complete the job in less time, your staffing costs will be lower. You might think outsourcing the work would cost more, since you’re paying a third party company to come in. However, the additional labour cost of removing staff from their primary roles to focus on a project can actually be more expensive than hiring a third party.

When we work with companies, we develop excellent partnerships and work flexibly to ensure the jobs are completed without staff members being taken away from their desks. That often means working in unsociable hours to ensure the office can stay running during their opening times. So you won’t be losing any of your own staff members and time when you bring us in to support you with your office and data centre cleaning.

Our National UK Service Team

At Capital we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with companies, to support them with their needs in technical cleaning and facilities management. We work flexibly to ensure we complete the jobs on your schedule, within suitable timeframes.

We’ll also liaise with you throughout the job, making sure you sign off each section before we move on. That allows you to see our exceptionally high standards and provides you with the reassurance that we’ll finish the job on time with high-quality results.

Our National Service Team can work all over the UK. They have security clearance and get trained for every job. We can offer staffing solutions for multiple industries and roles.

Contact us on 08000 132 182 for a full breakdown of our services, and to discuss how we can support you.