May 11, 2015 [email protected]

Before & After Photos: Data Centre Cleaning - Data Centre Cleaning Service

We’ve put together a group of photos from a recent data centre clean. For a number of our medium size clients, this type of comms room is a familiar sight. A medium size room that is long overdue a technical clean. It’s clear to see the difference between the before and after images. The authentic nature of the photos portray the quality of a professional and technical clean by Capital. One of our most experienced specialists captured the various stages of the clean. This is just one example of the variety of cleans we conduct on a weekly basis. Each technical room we clean can vary in standards and we are able to adapt accordingly and apply a surface and deep clean to the highest level.




Tell us how big your data centre, server room or comms room is, and how often you want it cleaned. We’ll be able you provide you a quote. Email – Request form or call 0800 013 2182

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