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Who has flu in your office?

Sneezing Germs

How to protect your staff: 75% of Pandemic Flu Carriers Show No Symptoms

Flu Mask

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How to protect your workforce

Research led by UCL suggests that three quarters of people show no symptoms when infected by influenza. The research has been conducted over a period of 5 years, finding that many of the participants had reported no symptoms. As a result less of the infected saw a doctor, passing it off as a minor cold or flu.  The article from the UCL points out that there are variants strengths of influenza and it is hard to pinpoint exactly when & how infection is transmitted.

The fact that flu can spread undetected is rather alarming to us at Capital. We thought we’d come up with some useful tips to help protect your staff.

Sneezing Germs

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Nothing can offer us 100% protection against influenza. However you can take precautions. We want to offer our advice on how to protect yourself and your staff. However we suggest going over to the NHS advice site for medical information.

How to protect yourself & your workforce:

Flu jab

NHS site has information on who is eligible for flu vaccination. It is important to understand flu vaccination.

Washing hands

– Washing hands in general is important to stop the spread of germs, especially when you eat or shake hands. Using hand sanitisers in the office is a pro-active way to promote hygiene.

Go to the doctor

– It’s always best to be safe than sorry. You may be unaware of the severity of your infection.

Coughing & sneezing

– Cover your mouth or use a tissue when coughing or sneezing. This more about stopping the spread of germs than it is about manners.

Strength and mood

– When the body and mind are not behaving normally, it can be a sign that something is wrong. Take a break and re-assess how you feel. Take time to re-energise and take appropriate action.

Seasonal flu

– Often winter is the worst time of year as the research points out. You may want to think about taking extra precaution. Offering staff tips and weekly reminders on protecting themselves. Why not consider a mask similar to the ones used in the far east? (Pictured above)

Computer cleaning service

– Having your computer and office area cleaned professionally by an IT cleaning company can make a huge difference. The benefits of computer cleaning offer more than just flu protection.  Quarterly cleans give you the best protection from our experience. Even 6 monthly cleans can protect staff against infection and viruses.

Tell us how many computers you want cleaning and how often. We’ll be able you provide you a quote. Email – [email protected] or call 0800 013 2182

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