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5 reasons why universities need IT cleaning and hardware auditing

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Below we have listed five reasons as to why IT cleaning and hardware auditing is so important for universities.

Germs, students and staff

The spread of germs mean that students become ill, miss valuable lecture/seminar time and continue the spread of germs. Freshers’ flu is common amongst freshers and spreads very easily. The rest of the general student population need to maintain hygiene levels and cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs. Alongside students, the teaching staff must also be protected against germs. Staff are key assets to the university experience and must be protected. Hot-desking at universities means shared work-spaces increase the chance of illness spreading. Hot-desks require regular cleaning in order to stem the flow of viruses spreading.

Protecting assets and equipment

IT equipment such computers and data centres need to be cleaned to maintain full functionality and protection against failure, as well as germs. Protecting your core business assets means you will protect sensitive data and continue to support IT/technology services for staff and students.

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University services

Cleaning and functionality of IT equipment is an essential part of the day-to-day running of university services. Providing a safe and healthy environment has many benefits such as increased productivity, morale and reduction of illness.


Computer cleaning and data centre cleaning

Our computer cleaning service prevents the spread of germs, reduces illness and improves personal hygiene of students. Both computers and data centre equipment longevity is increased. A cost effect service means that budget savings can be made on services and the buying of new equipment.


Hardware Auditing

Universities require large amounts of IT equipment and this equipment needs to be accounted for, for various reasons (tax, redundant equipment and budget).  These reasons are explained in more detail over at our blog (hardware auditing and IT cleaning in education).

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