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Serviced Offices & Business Centres: Computer & IT Cleaning Services

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What is a serviced office? (Also known as business centres, managed offices or executive suites)

Serviced offices are found in city centres and often managed by facilities management companies (a branch of facilities management). The offices are fully equipped for everyday office use and essential business needs. These spaces are then made available to the public for business use. A room can accommodate anything from 2 to 20 plus people. Sometimes a company can take up two floors or half a floor, depending on their size.

Serviced Office

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Compared with traditional office spaces, serviced offices generally provide all services and facilities needed for an office environment, covering everything from desks, to meeting rooms, to a shared kitchen space and a general receptionist. One of the benefits serviced offices have over traditional offices is the rents, rates and services, which are far less complicated and straight-forward than privately rent. This makes the proposition of business centres rather attractive. Business centres are also cost-affect and help save vast amount of expenditure in the long term.

Serviced Office

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Key cleaning issues

Office cleaning is a basic requirement that is provided by serviced offices; however IT cleaning is often overlooked and recognised as a specialist service. Each individual company may have to outsource this service themselves. Another scenario is that the service is an additional fee and then conducted by the business centres preferred partner. Here at Capital we can safely say that many of our clients regret having office cleaners clean their computers (We explain all the reason here). This is due to the specialist & technical nature of IT cleaning, hence the need for professionals. One type of cleaning that offices can arrange on the behalf off all clients is data centre/ server room cleaning. In serviced offices, servers are shared and need to maintained as part of the service to their clients. The following are key issues to consider:

  • Office cleaning is not a substitute for IT/Computer cleaning
  • Outsource computer cleaning as individual company/client
  • Add-on computer cleaning/ data centre cleaning service from business centre
  • Data centre cleaning is done for all by business centre


Serviced Office

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Reasons for IT cleaning at serviced offices (business centres)

Computer cleaning and data centre cleaning are just as important as one another and both need protecting. Make sure your hardware is cleaned and avoid any disasters.

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