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Retail: IT & Facilities Cleaning Service

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With nearly 3 decades of experience, we’ve worked in pretty much every sector imaginable. One of the most challenging and fulfilling is that of retail. The retail sector is challenging as working in-hours whilst the shop is open can compromise customer service and brand image of the store. Visible cleaning can get in the way and threaten the experience of the customer. It is about finding the balance to fulfill the needs of the organisation and customer.

Location and size can vary depending on the organisation. Retail environments range from large department stores to a small group of shops located nationwide. This means that each solution needs to be bespoke.

Furthermore each organisation has bespoke EPOS systems, IT equipment, technical rooms and facilities. This means a bespoke solution is the only option. With our experience we are able to offer solution we know that work.

We work closely with customers to learn of specific details and issues.  Once items and locations have been finalised, we need to agree where the equipment will be cleaned. Cleaning out-of-hours means equipment can remain on the shop floor. However whilst the shop is open, a safe and a hygienic space is required to conduct our specialist cleaning.

Size, location, type of equipment and logistics are our most common concerns when conducting cleaning in the retail sector. It must be stated that general cleaners are not professionally trained to clean IT equipment or technical facilities.

Reasons to conduct cleaning

Reducing the risk of equipment malfucntion and failure – Computer and data centre cleaning
Dirty Keyboards and Smartphones contain more germs than toilet seats
7 Common ways germs are spread
Research: How quickly do germs spread? Germs & Sanitisation


One client we cannot mention due to contractual agreements requires us to clean till points across 200 sites nationwide. This 6-monthly clean requires the cleaning to be completed in time for Winter and Summer sales. Many of the challenges mentioned above had to be solved in order to provide an efficient clean. The main problem was the build-up of dust on till drivers which caused overheating leading failure or malfunction. Subsequently an engineer call-out-charge costs £1000 per visit. The best solution for us was to provide a regular clean on a 6 monthly basis. We conducted an initial clean in one store in order to plan for nationwide coverage. As a result driver malfunction has significantly reduced.

Examples of what can be cleaned

  • Tills/ EPOS  – Touchscreen, till drivers, keyboard
  • IT Hardware
  • Store rooms
  • Server and data rooms
  • Technical rooms and facilities

Retail can cover

  • Department stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Small shops
  • Nationwide store coverage

Services for retail

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