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What is Freshers’ Flu? Causes, symptoms and prevention

sick ill freshers flu

Majority of fresher will suffer from this.

Freshers’ flu is the name given to the illness contracted by up to 90% of new students in the first weeks at university. The illness is a combination of cold and flu like symptoms. The use of the term flu is still debateable, as signs show the symptoms are closely related to that of a severe cold, rather than all out flu. But freshers’ flu slides off the tongue better than freshers’ cold! However, it is still advisable to seek medical attention if symptoms escalate. See your campus doctor.

University Fresher Flu

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New people:  Starting University is one of those life changing experiences, with it will come the highs and lows of university life. Meeting new people is definitely a high point. However in the initial weeks meeting new people means coming in contact with germs and illness your body may not be used to. With so many people or students from around the country and world all meeting in one place, it’s a perfect scenario for infection to spread quickly.

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Stress:  A new experience will challenge you psychologically. Everyone will cope with new experiences differently. Moving out, meeting new people, learning new things and adapting to a new lifestyle can be stressful and impact your health. Just remember everyone is in the same boat. By the end of the first year you’ll be a changed person for the better. If it does all get a bit too much, speak to someone, a friend, university support or even your parents. Talking it through will definitely help.

sick ill freshers flu

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Lifestyle change: As mentioned you’ll be socialising and meeting new people. Most of this will be taking place in social settings such as night clubs and house parties. This type of socialising will result in lack of sleep, poor diet and drinking alcohol. Additionally you won’t have a routine and will be putting your body through a lot. Even trips to the library or toilet can leave you exposed. Shared spaces mean exposure to germs and infection. Dirty computers, keyboards, toilet doors and book are all common hotspots. One thing you are in control of is your personal hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands.

A combination of viral, psychological and social changes all contribute to contracting freshers’ flu.


  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Runny nose
  • Change in mood


  • Routine: Keep certain activities regular whilst still enjoying the freedom of university life.
  • Eat healthy and in moderation
  • Limit alcohol and smoking
  • Make a little time to exercise and get the blood pumping around the body
  • Sleep and rest
  • Look after personal hygiene
  • Make sure your accommodation is clean
  • Make sure computers are regularly cleaned in the library. Capital clean many of the country’s universities on a regular basis. Computer cleaning and keyboard cleaning keep students safe from illness.

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