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7 Common ways germs are spread

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One of the main purposes of our service is to stop the spread of germs. Our past posts have included tips on reducing the spread of germs at work and the amount of germs on keyboard. Leading on from those posts we want focus on how and where germs are spread.

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Germs can be passed from person to person or indirectly by touching unclean equipment or surfaces.  (NHS

Face: Your face is susceptible to spreading and catching germs.  Your nose, mouth and eyes spread and catch germs. Sneezing, coughing and rubbing eyes are all simple ways to spread germs. Use a tissue when you’re coughing and sneezing.

Bad hygiene and hands: Hands touch everything and having bad hygiene only increases your risk of attracting germs.  Wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly before eating and greeting people. Continue to practice good etiquette when using the toilet, bath, shower and sink. One of the most common daily hazards is the keyboard. As we’ve strenuously pointed out keyboards contain more germs than a toilet seat and it is vital you get your IT equipment cleaned.

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Food, hands and kitchen: The process of preparing food requires hands to be clean. Mixing roar/uncooked chicken with raw foods such as salad can be hazardous.  Make sure food is washed separately to avoid contamination. Bins with a foot release avoid any touching and help avoid germ.

Public transport, public spaces & work – Once again this mainly involves hands and how important it is to wash hands after long periods in public spaces. Definitely advisable to wash your hands before eating. Handles and rails pose the greatest risk of all, especially those that travel on public transport.

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Animals to people:  Animals carry various types of germ hence why it is important to wash hands before making contact with others and food.

Children & nappy changing: Anyone changing a nappy must wash their hands for hygienic reasons. Children with diarrhoea pose a high health risk and the germs cause many problems. The principle can be applied to anyone that has been in contact with an infected person.

Cleaning equipment and accessories:  Cleaning tools such as washing- up brushes, mops, buckets, cloths, sponges, hoover bags, duster and hoovers should be kept clean and functional, as they can harbour dangerous germs. Disposable or paper cloth are preferred so they can be thrown away. Otherwise it is recommend they are washed thoroughly.

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