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    What Are Business Computer Services?

    Your IT infrastructure is the very heart of your business. It ensures processes run smoothly, keeps your data in order and generally keeps your business up and running. With just one computer down, chaos can ensue which is why computer maintenance is so very important. Unfortunately, not all companies have the budget or manpower to have this handled with the necessary expertise in-house. Thankfully, here at Capital, we can provide your business with computer services thanks to our national service team and we can do so for a surprisingly affordable price.

    Our computer services for businesses could be considered a one-stop shop for all of your hardware needs. From IT equipment auditing to asset management, equipment installations and even software auditing – here at Capital we have you covered for all of your IT maintenance needs and what’s more, we can offer these services on a monthly, yearly or even ad hoc basis.

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    Consider Us Your Virtual IT Department

    From equipment installation to asset management, consider us your virtual IT department who’ll ensure your IT infrastructure is always working at its peak.

    Asset Management

    Keeping track of your IT equipment isn’t just time consuming but can be expensive and for some, an overly complicated task. With the help of our service team however, you can enjoy regular or ad hoc asset management services as and when you need.

    This ensures your current workforce focuses on their intended jobs and you still enjoy a full breakdown of your equipment, complete with in-depth reporting via our cloud-based system. From hardware to software, across one location or multiple, our service team has you covered.

    IT Auditing

    Through our IT auditing services, you can evaluate your entire IT infrastructure. IT auditing ensures your system is safeguarded against threat and can also evaluate your equipment and whether it is being used in the right ways. Could you be investing better in a much more suitable system? IT auditing will give you this information.

    As well as your security systems, IT auditing will also analyse your controls too. Our service teams can ensure this is done with minimal hassle and interruption to you and your workforce.

    Capital Have You Covered

    Rest assured your entire business computer maintenance needs can be covered with our incredible service team, providing the IT maintenance you require as and when you need it.

    With our help, you can ensure you’re not only investing and utilising the right systems but the amount of downtime you experience is minimised and what’s more, this is all carried out at some of the most affordable pricing available. We’ll work to continually improve efficiency and investment. For more information, call 08000 132 182.

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