Working Through 3rd Parties To Deliver Specialist Services

Cleaning Services Across UK

“Here at Capital, we’re no stranger to working through third parties. In fact, over the years we’ve been established, we’ve now gained in excess of 50 agreements, all currently in place with some of the largest, globally recognised FM organisations as well as smaller local businesses for sites UK wide.”

Having such great experience with third party agreements, we understand fully the working mechanisms of the types of agreements. With such a great understanding, comes the ability to work closely with our clients, on their behalf to ensure their client’s needs are met, regardless of the requirements.

Capital Have You Covered

Our specialist services are utilised all around the UK, from data room cleaning to comms room cleaning as well as laptop, computer cleaning, in-depth remote auditing and much more. For a company to bring these kinds of services in-house, it would cost an exceptional amount of money and time. Instead, more and more companies are now choosing to expand the services they offer their clients by deploying Capital.

Expand Your Services With Capital

By utilising our services to expand their own, our clients are now able to forget about the cost and time involved with hiring staff, as well as the need for on-going training and security checks. Instead, they’re utilising our fully employed National Service Team that can service their client’s as if they were their own teams.

With our in-cloud system, clients are able to communicate directly with our team members to see what’s happening and when. We then work through our third parties to provide the necessary reporting, complemented perfectly with photographic evidence in real time.

Benefits For All Involved

We’re proud to boast an excess of 50 agreements in place however our clients benefit just as much, being able to provide technical cleaning services that their clients would otherwise look elsewhere for. This not only increases their revenue for specific clients but also opens them up to clients they may have never previously been able to serve.

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If you think you could benefit from our technical and specialist services, utilising us to provide your client with a wider breadth of services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’ll be only too happy to walk you through everything we have to offer and how we can make it work for you.

Each of our National Service Teams are fully employed and ready to be utilised anywhere around the UK. For more information, simply contact us today on 08000 132 182. We’re here to help you deliver specialist services without any of the associated costs to you.

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