Technical Comms Room Cleaning London

A Mainline Hospital within London

“Even though there was a wide spread of rooms throughout the Hospitals in London, Capital provided us with a schedule of the rooms they were planning to visit and with the exception of one room which had unplanned works in this was delivered as planned”

Telecoms Infrastructure Manager

The Problem

“We have never had the comms rooms cleaned in the last 5 years and after some renovation works it was decided to have a full deep clean of all the 118 rooms. We then decided to come up with an ongoing schedule to keep the comms room cleaned.”


Whilst the works were being undertaken during the day, the movement around certain areas had to be discreet. All work in the comms room had to be completed without any pieces of equipment being shut down, which was a concern to our team.


“A dedicated team was deployed to our site for the duration of the comms room cleaning. The team at Capital kept up with the planned schedule. Each area was signed off as they went which made it easy to track the progress.”

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