A Deep Clean of Broadcasting Galleries & Sound Areas

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“Capital UK was called in to support a long established global Facilities Management company in undertaking a deep clean for a client’s broadcasting gallery following a recent refurbishment. Because of the nature of their business, all equipment had to remain connected, so that there were no interruptions to the broadcast.”

The Problem

The client was a large UK TV broadcaster who had just had a recent refurbishment completed in their broadcasting gallery and sound areas. Capital UK was called in to do a final deep clean.

The technical clean of the gallery area involved removing equipment and cleaning all desk areas and flooring. There were 33 monitors, 19 keyboards, and 3 phones that needed to be deep cleaned. The client also had 23 edit racks, and a control panel requiring a technical deep clean.

The broadcasting gallery and sound areas were small, with lots of equipment packed into a tight space. Our team needed to go in and clean all areas without interrupting the live broadcast.


As the client was a large UK broadcasting company, there were 20 hours per day for broadcasting live to the nation. This meant the window for completing the job was only a few hours each day. Our team had to work around this tight schedule while ensuring they carried out high-quality work without disrupting the live broadcast.

We were required to dismantle the equipment, clean all areas fully, and reconnect all monitors, keyboards, and edit racks in a tight four hour window. Additionally, this time slot was in the middle of the night, from midnight to 4am.


The team completed the job on time with no technical issues or disruption to the ongoing broadcast. They carried out their work methodically, ensuring we divided areas up and cleaned, and then signed off by a professional from the client. This gave them peace of mind as we continued the job that the work was being completed to a high standard and on schedule.

All areas were thoroughly cleaned. The Capital team disconnected the necessary equipment and completed an extensive clean of all monitors, keyboards, mouses and accessories before putting everything back and connecting it just as we’d found it. They worked methodically and completed everything in a tight three hour window so as not to disrupt any broadcasting for the client. There were no technical issues.

Both the facilities management company and broadcasting client were extremely satisfied with the work. It impressed them we completed the job within the tight timescale, with no technical interruptions to the broadcast.

The client has now set up a cleaning program to ensure these areas are now regularly cleaned. There is a periodic cleaning schedule in place. As multiple people use the area on a rotating shift pattern, I had ignored it.

At Capital UK we specialise in working with our clients to ensure all technical deep cleans are completed efficiently and are flexible to work around the schedule that suits our clients.

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