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Expansion of VOIP Infrastructure

Voice Over Internet Provider systems or VOIP as they’re otherwise known are becoming a far more commonly used system for companies up and down the country. While some customers use headsets, there are many who still want a physical handset – both of which can be used with VOIP.

Here at Capital, we were contacted by Telecoms World to help them provide a VOIP installation service to their customers nationwide. Previously, Telecoms World were limited in the area of coverage they could provide regarding VOIP installation due to the sheer cost of sending one of their engineers out of the area in order to install these systems. With the standard cost of qualified engineers, sometimes sending these further than usual was not cost effective, in some instances this became too costly for customers to uptake their services and therefore valuable potential customers were being lost.

Capital’s National Service Team Were Able To Help

Thankfully, with our National Service Team however, we were able to change that and allow Telecoms World to expand their VOIP installation services from their previously cost restrictive  area to a nationwide service while also being able to sustain their standard costs.

Our National Service Team provided Telecoms World with a field team that could be deployed nationwide. When Telecoms World had a customer out of the area, they contacted us.

With the new VOIP systems making installation quicker and easier than ever before, as all configuration is completed remotely on the handset and then installed  through the use of an ethernet cable. Instead, Telecoms World was able to make use of our field service teams, up and down the country in order to install the VOIP systems wherever they were needed.

Telecoms World would have the VOIP system delivered to the necessary location and our teams entered that location as Telecoms World, providing a white label service.

Our teams placed them on any desk, in any office as and when Telecoms World needed us to. We plugged them into the ethernet cables available and Telecoms World engineers were then able to configure them from their end. This not only saved huge amounts of money by not needing to send engineers long distances but also meant they were able to provide VOIP installation services at a much more affordable cost for customers. Thus allowing them to expand their reach and now provide VOIP installation nationwide.

Our National Service Team Have You Covered

As well as installing the VOIP system itself, our teams would also document

  • Where each handset system was placed
  • We made note of the asset or serial number
  • The desk location
  • Details such as user or port number

This would allow an engineer to help should a customer contact them with an issue.

Reduce Overhead Costs & Expand Customer Reach

Would you like to reduce your overhead costs and expand your customer reach like Telecoms World? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Capital today. Our team is on hand to help you in any way, shape or form. Call 0800 013 2182 for more information.

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