Your National Service Team

Maintaining Customer Service and Protecting Core Assets

“Capital deals with the screens that get sneezed on, the crumbs that fall into keyboards, the dust that finds its way into hard drives and the handsets that harbour cold and flu germs. This makes a huge difference. Equipment is safer and more pleasant to handle and the office looks smarter.”

The Problem

“The main problem was the build-up of dust on till drivers which caused overheating leading to failure or malfunction. Build-up of dust fibres caused fans and filters to become blocked.”


  • Removal of thick dust and fluff
  • Logistical planning of over 200s store throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Cleaning hundreds of till points
  • Meeting high standards
  • Causing as little disruption as possible


  • Dust was removed by our professional teams from all fans and servers
  • Majority of cleaning conducted before opening hours, tailored to our customers needs
  • We played our role in maintaining the customer service of this retail group and protecting them against failure at the most crucial time

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