Historic Clients of Capital

Established 1987

“Capital first began in 1987. As a company, we started out in PC and Data Centre Cleaning for clients within London and the South East. While our services were far fewer than they are today, we began as a very specialist service and are proud to say we still offer those very specialist services and many more, today.”

Times have changed a great deal since we first stepped foot into the industry some 34 years ago and now, not only do we offer a huge variety of different services but we also offer them UK wide, with a fully employed workforce, allowing us to service on average 155 different client sites every single month.

Our clients are incredibly varied, ranging from University Teaching Hospitals in London to the National Retail Group and even the Public Services Union with over 30 locations by itself. Our clients range in size and needs but thanks to our incredible workforce, as well as a team of trusted network partners, we’re able to cater to all size jobs, big and small, on both regular and ad hoc basis.

Continued Development Throughout

It’s not just our company’s size and ability that’s developed. PC equipment has changed beyond recognition over the last thirty years which has meant our company continues to develop our staff and their knowledge in order to keep up with demand. While the equipment has changed however, the need for our services has not, which has meant us continuing to grow our nationwide service team year on year.

Customer Retention Is At Its Highest

In the 34 years that Capital has been established, clients have of course come and gone however we have a high percentage of clients who’ve been with us for this entire journey; clients who continue to be a huge part of our company. We boast 94 clients in particular, scattered over 200 different locations throughout the UK, who have been with us for more than 15 years, with 71 of these 94 clients having been with Capital for over 20 years, allowing us to deliver their much needed PC cleaning requirements for that entire duration.

This long standing retention rate of customers, we feel, speaks volumes at the service Capital delivers time and again, providing high-quality, flexible services at affordable rates.

In A Culture Of Change, Capital Adapts

Whether we’re data centre cleaning for John Lewis, computer cleaning for Unison, or providing technical comms room cleaning in a Mainline Hospital in London, we’re proud to have held clients for over 20 years thanks to our consistent high-standards. While we may be in a culture of change, Capital’s customer retention speaks volumes.

Professionalism and service delivery expertise. With Capital you can expect nothing less.

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