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Remote IT Hardware Auditing

Thanks to having previously provided services that went above and beyond for a worldwide existing client within the Retail Banking Sector, we were once again approached to help with their new IT estate.

The request was for our team to provide a full audit on their entire IT estate. They were in a rather unique position in that their teams had only recently returned to the offices, however instead of all returning to the office, they now had staff undertaking a new ‘Hybrid Way of Working’ – something we’re seeing now become more commonplace across all sectors here at Capital.

Due to this new flexible way of working, it was imperative for our client to know exactly who had what equipment and where.

The Power Of Remote Auditing

While many utilise discovery software to stay on top of their IT estate, the biggest downfall is that discovery software can and often does struggle to locate equipment that isn’t on a company’s network. This particular client (and many others now utilising a Hybrid Way Of Working) would have this exact issue. Thankfully, that isn’t an issue for us here at Capital.

We were given a lust of all staff and initially undertook a physical asset audit of all the partially empty offices. This allowed us to get a base of equipment that was in place and through the power of elimination, we were able to create a list of equipment that was ‘missing’ from the desk spaces or simply not within the network. Once we had this, we were then able to utilise our secure, non-google white-labelled client web capture form which allowed us to identify staff who’d completed the submission by cross references against the supplied HR list.

This allowed us to capture all users, office-based or not and also meant we could capture 100% of the client’s IT estate also. Due to the current way of working, Discovery software simply couldn’t keep up – Capital however, were easily able to locate all equipment, even those not on the network.

The result was a very happy client, now fully able to understand their IT estate breakdown, with each individual device listed and broken down into type, location and user – this not only allowed them more control over their IT estate but allowed them to update their financial records accordingly too.

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