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Remote Auditing

Capital was approached by an existing client of ours, a globally recognised company within the Retail Banking Sector. We were asked to undertake a full audit of their entire IT estate.

The initial reason for the audit was down to restrictions of COVID beginning to alleviate, allowing workers to begin returning to offices. Instead of their workforce simply returning to the office however, they would now be returning under a ‘hybrid way of working’ which would mean a mixture of staff working within the office and others working from home.

While this would provide great flexibility for their staff, it did leave our client wanting to have a better idea of where equipment was and more specifically, who had each item of equipment. With staff slowly making a return to the office, we were required to carry out a mixture of both physical and remote auditing on all IT equipment.

Capital Got To Work

In order to do this, we were given a full list of all staff. Once we received this list, we began by carrying out a full physical audit of the partially empty offices. This allowed us to fully audit what equipment was in the office and by process of elimination, gather a list of ‘missing equipment’ from all desk spaces. 

Once we had our list of equipment that was residing outside of the office space, we were then able to utilise our secure, non-Google, white labelled client web capture form. This allowed us to identify all staff who’d completed the submission. Once we had that information, we then cross-referenced that list against a list supplied to us by HR.

Through doing this, we could see that we had captured 100% of users and 100% of all equipment. Upon completion, we updated all lists, giving our client a complete and up to date audit list of every item of equipment, both in and out of the office space. This was only thanks to our incredible team and secure software. This level of auditing of equipment simply wouldn’t be possible using basic Discovery Software, due to the hybrid way of working and the equipment not being networked.

A Job Well Done And A Happy Client

This efficient and thorough result enabled our client to fully understand their entire estate, including a full breakdown of the device type and numbers. Not only that, but this then allowed them to update their financial records accordingly. 

Here at Capital, we have a fully employed and security cleared National Service Team, all of whom can be deployed anywhere in the UK across single, or multiple sites to provide you with a full and thorough audit of IT equipment and more. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 08000 132 182.

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