A Full Comms Room Cleaning

A Top University in London

“We recently conducted a comprehensive communications room cleaning for a top university in London after they discovered a leak in one of their comms rooms. We were happy to complete this job, working around students during term-time and creating seamless processes to complete a full clean of the comms rooms.”

The Problem

As communication rooms are not public-facing, they often get put to the bottom of the cleaning list. However, these rooms are vital to ensure peak performance of the network, and to keep all devices connected.

One of the top universities in London found a leak in their communications room and needed the entire area cleaned quickly. They work across several campuses, so connectivity among all the buildings is essential to ensure students have a smooth learning process. As an educational facility, they can have students using equipment at all hours of the day, and need to access the internet especially during exam periods.

The job involved clearing the leak and thoroughly cleaning the comms rooms to ensure they were clear of any dust built up among the equipment.


As the university contained a sprawling campus in the middle of London, we had to coordinate with multiple organisations and university departments and develop separate working relationships with each area.

Our teams needed to complete the works at short notice and during term-time while the university was in session. This meant working around students, lectures, and classes while causing minimal disruption throughout the entire process to maintain connectivity while we worked.

As there had been a leak already, we also needed to ensure all equipment was functioning, and that it was a safe environment to work in for our staff.

The Solution

Our teams worked to create seamless processes while completing the job in the university. Everything went to plan thanks to the excellent working relationships fostered between us and the client. At Capital, we treat all our customers with the highest professionalism, and worked with our direct client, while coordinating with all organisations on site.

We worked methodically to completely clean up the leak. Our teams are trained to the highest standards, and ensured the area was safe. They removed all dust and debris building up in the comms rooms and organised all wires and cables to ensure all equipment works at peak performance. All floor areas, overheads, ceilings, light fixtures, and walls were cleared and thoroughly cleaned. We handled everything with care, ensuring nothing was broken or damaged.

Capital completed the job while ensuring the university remained connected, and students’ educations were not disrupted. The client signed off on the work prior to completion, giving them reassurance of our high standards and showing how we exceeded their expectations.

At Capital, we specialise in working to our clients’ needs and specifications. Our teams are always willing to work flexibly around the clients schedule to ensure the job is completed efficiently while causing minimal disruption to staff, students, and the public.

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