A Full Technical Data Cleaning and Handover at a Distribution Centre

A High End UK Department Store

“Capital UK was called in to support a high end UK department store in opening up a new distribution centre. They required a major refit in the warehouse of their data centre’s, and new expensive equipment had to be installed.”

The Problem

One of our long-term clients, a high end UK department store, needed a technical refit of their data centres as they had recently purchased a new distribution centre. Capital UK was brought in to do a full technical clean of their equipment, install new equipment and complete a technical handover.

There were also DWCs located around the warehouse, which were required to relay signals around the massive distribution centre that required a thorough clean.

The job required our expert team to thoroughly deep clean all technical and communication rooms. This included flooring, ceiling, overheads and lighting fixtures, server racks, and walls. Part of the job involved clearing up underfloor spacing and tidying away cables.


As the distribution centre was a building site while we were carrying out the job, every member of our team needed to have CSCS accreditation to comply with UK legislation. This involves a training course and exam, meaning every employee had to undergo this training to work on the site.

The new equipment was expensive, some pieces being over £10,000. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to our team to handle them with care. We had to ensure they were installed correctly, without damaging anything. The warehouse was to be completely automated once it was in operation, so our data centre pieces were incredibly important for the warehouse’s day-to-day functioning.

The comms room had lots of cables on the floor, which was a trip hazard for people walking by. We needed to tidy these away to prevent any slips, trips, or spillages over cables.


The team began by sectioning off areas and completing these jobs in order. A contact from the client inspected and signed off each section after every visit. This allowed the client to see the standard of our work as we progressed through the overall job.

Our team treated all the equipment with care while loading it into the warehouse. We ensured it was all installed properly and worked efficiently. We used vacuums and buffers to extensively clean the floors, and accessed underfloor spacing to extensively clean it. Once we finished, we tidied away all cables neatly, removing the hazard and ensuring there would be no accidental falls. Everything was thoroughly cleaned.

By the end, all areas were clear of dust and grime, allowing the warehouse to open with a completely clean technical room.

At the start and end of every job, we took before and after pictures so the client could compare the two. They were incredibly pleased with the results. As we have a longstanding working relationship with this UK Department store, we take their approval of our work seriously.

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