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Top 10 UK University

“With a fantastic track record and a number of excellent service reviews from a range of clients, both past and present, Capital were incredibly pleased to be contacted by a client, a Large FM Provider, who had recently secured a contract with a top 10 UK university. We were approached by this client to carry out the initial clean of their 4 Comms and Data Rooms that were located across 2 campuses. “

In order to complete the job, we completed site visits and also spent time in discussions regarding the suggested specifications for the job. While we’re always given a brief, we like to take the time (where possible) to discuss the job first in order to deliver exactly what the client wants as more often than not, what the client actually wants and needs isn’t always on the paper we’re given.

By having an open and honest discussion, we can be upfront and if needed, suggest a different course of action that we, as experts, may deem more suitable in order to achieve the client’s end goal in an efficient and affordable manner.

Quick Turnaround & Delivery Thanks To Capital

As always, we provided the end client with a very quick turnaround. To begin with, we were given a swift decision from the end client. This allowed us to get our teams to work quickly, which we were able to do as every single one of our teams were security cleared.

With a swift start and an efficient team at hand, we were able to have the job completed to a high specification, in just 3 days. Our dedicated data center cleaning teams ensured all information was uploaded to our in-cloud system with photographs showing completed works and the final condition, allowing our client to view and assess the work being carried out at each stage. This meant work could be signed off along the way, which only added to the efficiency of our team and our work overall.

Every Precaution Taken

With the initial condition of the comms and data rooms taken into consideration, we also spent time completing a Survey Report. This allowed us to report back to the client any redundant equipment we found along the way. We showed them where it could be reutilised also. This additional service that we provided was welcomed by both our client and the end client as they were completely unaware of the sheer amount of equipment that was being stored as well as the financial value of said equipment. This allowed them to source their equipment and re-use it, in turn saving them a lot of money in the long run.

Here at Capital, we always do our best to go above and beyond, surpassing our client’s expectations at every opportunity and this particular project was no exception.

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