Technical Cleaning of Comms Rooms West London

A Private School in London

“Due to the building refurbishment, 2 new comms rooms were built. As this had to be one of the first aspects of the projects, we needed a specialist cleaning company to complete these works. Having used Capital for many years on numerous projects, we had every faith that the works would be delivered on time with no fuss, with the most important part being that our client was completely satisfied with the end results.”

Project Manager

The Problem

With the works being completed as part of a build project, the environment was not best suited for such requirements. This complicated the logistics to complete the technical comms rooms cleaning service.


The deadlines that were in place due to the school needing to reopen after Christmas. Working in a live environment is the norm but a live building site where works are creating further dust is not any easy place to deliver such specialist services.”


“A small team was allocated to each room to ensure a combined delivery approach. This meant that on the agreed date no further works would be able to be completed within the comms rooms, all outer doors were shut and any ‘dirty works’ that were still to be completed had revised schedules to ensure they reallocated to prior dates. Each room had a full site report completed to show the condition before and afterwards, which allowed the client to control the condition of the rooms until the end of the project.”

Overview of Service

An existing partner, who is a UK leading refurbishment company, was working on a highly prestigious Prep School in West London. They contacted Capital asking if we could assist them on this project. Having worked together for many years, we understood what was required.

They were also aware of the requirements needed for delivering such a specialist service. It was agreed that Capital would attend site towards the end of the 2nd phase of the project, as this would then allow the client time to install their equipment prior to the project completing and school returning following the Christmas break.

Due to the nature of build projects, it was explained to the client that we would be providing a full site report for each room. This allowed us to complete an assessment of the rooms before works commenced and take photographic evidence of any concern that the staff had, such as scratches within the flooring or damage to the cabinets.

These were then reported to the client both on the day and via the reports. These site reports also allowed the Project Manager to manage the condition of the rooms with their client, meaning the installation was able to be completed with no issues.

“Capital allowed us to future plan the works again and have devised and manageable schedule, which allows for a percentage of work to be completed each month. This allows for a more productive planning of the required resources within the hospital” – Project Manager

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