Technical Cleaning South West England

Government Department

“While for some projects, Capital will tender an offer, for others we are approached directly and that was the case for this project in particular. A globally recognised Cleaning Company within a Government Department contacted us directly to inquire about us completing the technical cleaning of their client’s comms rooms. Their clients spanned an estate of 14 different locations, as well as 2 of their own data centres within the South West Of England.”

“We were more than happy to take on this project and thanks to our fully employed National Service Team, were more than prepared for such a large scale operation across multiple locations.”

Security Clearances Meant A Swift Operation

Due to the nature of the works involving a Government Department however, only security cleared staff could attend any one site. Thankfully, each one of our fully employed, National Service Team is security cleared as standard. Not only did this provide additional reassurance for our client but it also meant we could move forward with this project swiftly.

As the project began, Capital was able to deploy security-cleared staff to every location within the UK, including the additional data centres owned by the client themselves.

In order to ensure an efficient service, we provided site visits as no one knew each individual site’s requirements. By deploying staff quickly, we were able to assess each location for the services needed and take this back to our client to authorise.

Upon communication with our client about the needs of each location, all works were approved, dates booked in and as a result, staff allocated in a quick and efficient manner to ensure the comms room cleaning, and data centre cleaning was carried out rapidly and thoroughly.

All of our National Service Team operatives provided real-time information to the individual clients on-site, through our in-cloud system, uploading information on all works carried out as well as picture and video evidence as the work took place. All individual clients signed off each of their sites upon completion of the work and all reported that they were more than happy.

Capital Have You Covered

With each on-site client satisfied with the works carried out, our main client was naturally happy and signed off all work completed.

If you’d like more information on previous clients and projects we’ve worked on, please don’t hesitate to read more of our case studies available online or better still, contact us today to see how we can help you. With a fully employed National Service Team, we’re able to help you wherever you are in the UK and beyond. What’s more, we can cater to multiple sites at any one time for all of your technical cleaning or auditing needs. Call today on 08000 132 182.

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