A Full Technical Data Centre Cleaning

A Gibraltar Telecoms Company

“We recently conducted a full technical data centre cleaning for one of Gibraltar’s leading telecommunications companies. At Capital, we were happy to carry out this contract, giving a full clean-up and organisation of a busy data centre space.”

The Problem

Technical rooms and data centres often end up at the bottom of the list for cleaning schedules. Since they are rooms that most of the public doesn’t see, they tend to have a lower priority.

At this leading Gibraltar telecommunications company, their technical data centre’s and communications rooms needed extensive cleaning. The server and communications room required attention, including some sub-floor spaces that needed dust removed and tidied up.

The job entailed:

  • Thorough cleaning of underfloor spaces in communications room
  • Server racks thoroughly dusted, tidied, and cleaned
  • Vacuuming and buffering of all floor spaces
  • All external and internal cabinets emptied, cleaned, and organised
  • In-depth cleaning and dusting of lighting fixtures, walls, and ceilings


Because of the covid-19 pandemic, there were ongoing logistical issues with getting access to the site and completing the required works. Visits were tough to schedule due to the unpredictability of the situation. To take this into account, our team needed to be flexible.

The client was also looking for an accreditation at the end of the job, so everything needed to run smoothly and be of high-quality.

As the cleaning was carried out in the building during the day, all movement had to be quiet and discreet to ensure no disruption was given to the staff who were busy working. This also meant not all the technical equipment could be shut down at once, since staff members were actively using it. So our team had to ensure they stayed connected to the servers while the areas were being cleaned.


We were able to gain access to the site to complete the data centre cleaning in several visits over the course of a month once it was safe to do so.

Our team broke the work down into sections, set out a schedule and stuck to it, focusing on cleaning specific areas over the course of one visit and getting that completed and signed off on the same day. Some works were carried out in only four hours, whereas others took a maximum of ten hours in one visit.

This allowed us to carry out the necessary cleaning and organising across a total of five visits in a month, allowing for logistical disruption to the schedule as a result of covid-19. There was a contact person on site from the telecoms company and they signed off each section as it was completed. This gave our client peace of mind that the work was being carried out to their expectations.

At the end of the job, the client was incredibly happy with the results, and got the accreditation they wanted as a result of the work completed by our data centre cleaning team.

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