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UK Wide Government Department

“Having used Capital for many years at my previous company, when I found that we had no provisions for PC Cleaning across our estate, I immediately contacted them to instigate the same service.”

National Workspace Manager

The Problem

Completing a cleaning service of over 600 PC and Laptop devices across 7 locations within the UK, whilst delivering a unique service to each location.”


With each site having their own opening hours, structure and quantities that ranged from 7 users to 150, developing a plan that suited all took some time. There were also seemingly unknown exact quantities at each location which made allocation of the correct resources problematic, especially as we found some locations to be miscalculated by the client by up to 150%.”


“Dates were provided for each site based upon the expected quantities. it was then agreed that on the visits to Manchester, Bristol, London, Nottingham and Birmingham, a full site audit would be completed to verify the quantity of devices that were located on each site. This showed the discrepancies but also allowed Capital to adjust the allocated resources to ensure the works were delivered with no further disruption to the client and end users.”

Overview of Service

As a Government body, the need to maintain the equipment is paramount for many reasons. These can range from Asset Management and Life Expectancy to Staff Wellbeing and quite simply, a good standard of cleanliness. It brought me great pleasure to hear that Capital would be able to deliver this service for me again.

They took away all of the planning and headaches that can often come with such a service being delivered to multiple offices. Thanks to their scheduling system, I was made aware of all dates, times and staff members who were going to attend each site.

Then following each completed site, I received a full report of what was cleaned, any person who declined this service and for what reason and who had approved the works on each site around the UK. These reports came into my email immediately upon completion and allowed us my team to be on top of the service rather than trying to respond to any queries.

“I would thoroughly recommend Capital to any organisation, as they are clear in the process, easy to work with and professional across the board” – National Workplace Manager 

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